Aikman on Prescott: ‘Most impressive young man I’ve ever been around at this position’

Leave it to a Hall-of-Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback to recognize the outstanding qualities in the team’s current QB.

Troy Aikman has gotten to know Dak Prescott as a player and a person, thanks to Aikman’s duties as an analyst for Fox Sports.

‘There’s nothing I don’t like about him’

“I’m absolutely amazed with him,” Aikman told Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on Movin’ The Chains. “There’s nothing I don’t like about him. He was regarded as a project, coming out of Mississippi State as a fourth-rounder. He had never taken snaps under center, he had never run play-action. Forget being the starter. Tony Romo, that was his job. But he wasn’t even expected to be the backup. He was going to be a long-term project and after a few injuries, all of a sudden he steps in. And I remember there was an excitement about him in preseason. And at the time, you thought, ‘Wow! Let’s just kind of tap the breaks a little bit until you get into the regular season.’

“But we had him Week One when they opened up against the Giants and he walked into that room and I never felt the presence of a young quarterback like I did with him. And you say, ‘Wow! This is the most impressive young man I’ve ever been around at this position.’ I really believed he was going to go out and play well, and I found that, shoot, before halftime  that game, his very first start, I was no longer looking at him as a rookie. I felt my analysis kind of being along the lines of a veteran quarterback and what my expectations were of him on the field. And I thought it spoke volumes just how he carried himself.”

‘He’s passed every test’

As far as Aikman is concerned, Prescott has “passed every test.”

“He’s been through some tough ones, too,” Aikman said. “He’s won on the road at Heinz Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers when they were backed up. He won at Lambeau Field, he’s won in games where they’ve been down by 14 against San Francisco early in the season. He’s won, of course, when they’ve been up big. He’s done it throwing the football, he’s done it running the football.”

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