Agent on David Harris’ release from Jets: ‘This was a conversation for February, not for June’

More than anything, it was the timing of the New York Jets’ release of linebacker David Harris that upset the player’s long-time agent.

If the Jets were planning to make such a move, David Mackler, who has represented Harris for all of his 10 seasons with his Jets, thought it should have happened much earlier in the year rather than on Tuesday.

‘The timing on this is not great and that’s a big disappointment to me’

“The timing on this is not great and that’s a big disappointment to me,” Mackler told Vic Carucci and Pat Kirwan on Movin’ The Chains. “This should have been done in February if this was in the plans, and I’m disappointed that it’s done on June 6. This was a conversation for February, not for June.”

Mackler described Tuesday as “one of the most disappointing days in my career.” “And I think as disappointed as I am, I’m sure Coach (Todd Bowles) is more disappointed,” the agent said. “You don’t lose your quarterback in June as you’re heading into training camp and be happy, especially when you have a young defense.”

‘The phone is definitely ringing’

However, Mackler is confident Harris will find an opportunity to play elsewhere.

“The phone is definitely ringing,” Mackler said. “Fortunate for David, him and his wife have always done things the right way. So he’s got┬áto decide where he wants to take the next step. He needs to sit down, sleep on this. David’s been very well compensated over his 10 years in New York, has done very well with his financial situation.

‘We will reconvene (on Wednesday) and figure this out’

“So he’s got to make a decision for his wife and his kids and what he wants to do going forward. We will reconvene (Wednesday) and figure this out.”

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