After Super Bowl loss, has the Patriots’ culture changed?

Following a devastating loss in Super Bowl LII, would it be fair to say that the culture has changed within the New England Patriots organization?

If you ask Patriots safety Devin McCourty (and we did on SiriusXM NFL Radio Ch. 88), the answer is simply “no.”

Despite last season’s Deflategate controversy, then this year’s reports that head coach Bill Belichick and legendary quarterback Tom Brady weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, McCourty believes the mission is always the same: winning games.

“I think the culture part of New England is, no matter what comes up, let’s just go out there and win football games,” McCourty told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “As long as Coach Belichick is there, and his staff, I think that will always be the culture no matter what comes up.”

While that may be true, there’s no denying the AFC stalwarts have some key decisions to make very soon. Will they sign standout lineman Nate Solder to a new contract? How about Danny Amendola and Dion Lewis? Movin’ the Chains’ Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller down the biggest question marks heading into next season.

The Super Bowl barely ended and already there are a ton of questions that need answers. Luckily for you, SiriusXM NFL Radio is covering every moment of what’s sure to be a busy offseason. Listen here.

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