After reading this, you’ll want to hear Howard Stern’s interview with Meghan McCain

Rarely do you hear the word “unfiltered” associated with anything politics-related. Wednesday on The Howard Stern Show, though, Meghan McCain was just that, offering funny, honest, informed opinions on everything from the Secret Service to the 2016 presidential election. For that reason, it is absolutely worth listening to Howard’s interview with McCain, the daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain, with SiriusXM On Demand.

In the meantime, here are 12 notable things McCain said during her appearance on the show.

Does Meghan wish her dad won the presidency?

No, I think it would be horrible. I think it would be absolutely horrible.

What does she think of the Secret Service?

They’re complete idiots. They are very gossip-y, and very clique-y … And they are nothing the way you imagine in your head. And I can’t say I’m totally surprised by all the scandals that have happened … Our president got in an elevator with a guy with a gun. I’m not speaking out of turn here. God forbid something were to happen to him, it would be absolutely horrific in every way.

Maybe she shouldn’t have said that …

The Secret Service is probably going to put a hit out on me because I’ve been talking so much trash.

Did Sarah Palin cost her dad the election?

I think my father could’ve literally had Jesus Christ as his running mate and it wouldn’t have mattered … You have to go back in a time machine when [there was] Obamamania, and the media was still obsessed with him. He was this Christ-like figure.

What was Meghan McCain’s first impression of Palin?

When I first met her, I really liked her because I thought she was a politician like I’d never seen. She was beautiful, she had children, she had a newborn baby. And, you know, most politicians aren’t like that. They’re much older, and I didn’t have a lot to relate to them about.

And then?

And then I slowly changed my opinion.

Who does Meghan McCain think will be the next president?

It depends who runs against Hillary … I think she will be the next candidate, I’m just assuming at this point.

Well, who will run against Hillary?

Maybe Jeb Bush if he decides to run, which I’m hearing he’s not.

Bush-Clinton again?

I don’t know how inspiring that is for the American people.

How about Rand Paul?

I don’t like Rand Paul … I think he’s a lot delusional on foreign policy.

Does her dad like Paul?

They hate each other. Oh yeah, they hate each other. I think publicly … or I just spouted that on this show.

Oof. Should we settle their beef with a fist fight?

My father’s 76 years old, he can still throw down.

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