Adele on getting back to work as a new mother: ‘I didn’t want to waste anyone else’s time.’

We’ve all been waiting with breath that is baited since Adele released her last album, 21, five years ago. And Thursday she finally announced that the wait is almost over. She’s releasing her third album, 25, on November 20 and is dropping her first single, Hello, on October 23. But before everyone freaks out over the songstress’ newest vocal gift to the world, she was gracious enough to speak with SiriusXM’s Jenny Eliscu about her most recent creative process and how it was affected by the cosmic shift in her life that is motherhood.

“I didn’t do anything until my kid was like 18 months old or nearly two years old. I took a long, long time off,” she said. “I had tried … but it was pretty obvious pretty quickly that I wasn’t ready in my head space to concentrate on accessing my creativity so I didn’t want to waste anyone else’s time. So I decided not to do it until I felt ready.”

Adele went on to talk about how much Hello resonated with her (even though she says one aspect of it made her feel ‘silly’ at first) and why it was such a massive breakthrough for her at this particular crossroads in her life. Listen to the entire clip below.

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