The fall of the Jim Harbaugh-less San Francisco 49ers continued last night, as a lackluster performance in a 20-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks left the team sitting at 2-5 for the year.

On Mad Dog Sports Radio, Adam Schein voiced his displeasure about the 49ers’ performance, criticizing the performance of the team under coach Jim Tomsula.

“Under Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers every single year, here was the upside: If everything works out, you’re gonna go to the Super Bowl and win it,” Schein said. “Jed York decided he wanted a coach who would play nice in the sandbox, who would share his toys, who would play well with others — things I talk to my kids about. Wins? Who wants to win? Wins are optional. Wins. Who wants to win games? Who wants to win championships? Who wants home playoff games? Who wants to go to the Super Bowl? Not the 49ers.”

Schein continued.

“They settled for a coach in Jim Tomsula,” he said. “Do you know how many other teams in the NFL would hire Jim Tomsula to be their coach? Zero. Do you know how many teams would interview Tomsula to be their coach? Zero.”

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