Adam Schein: Bringing back Mark Sanchez was Chip Kelly’s worst move

With the Philadelphia Eagles at 4-5, and Sam Bradford now injured after a mediocre start, the Eagles’ offseason acquisition of the quarterback seems like a let down. But according to Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Adam Schein, Bradford wasn’t the worst offseason move Philadelphia made at QB.

“The single worst move Chip Kelly made in the offseason, and I first guessed this, was bringing back Mark Sanchez,” Schein said. “He saw him against Seattle, and Green Bay, and Washington last year, and still gave him legitimate cash to be a heart beat away from and injury prone quarterback. That was a miscalculation of all miscalculations.”

Schein then explained why Sanchez starting is good for the rest of the NFC East – especially coming off the Eagles’ 20-19 loss to the Dolphins in Week 10.

“This is why if you’re a Giants fan you’re feeling good. This is why if you’re a Redskins fan you say, ‘You know what, we have an opportunity here to still win the division.’ Because that game against Miami is going to come back and destroy Philadelphia. If Sanchez would have just fallen down three times, Philly banks a win. But he can’t help himself because he’s Mark Sanchez,” Schein said.

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