Saturday night at UFC 168, during a title fight against Chris Weidman, mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva suffered a brutal injury, breaking his leg just above the ankle while kicking his opponent. The injury led to a TKO victory for Weidman, and prompted questions about Silva’s future in the sport.

Monday on SiriusXM Fight Club, journalist Danny Acosta put the injury in historical perspective.

It’s categorically the worst thing to ever happen in the UFC. Aside from the UFC disappearing and going away, the Anderson Silva leg break in this main event of this massive rematch I think is the worst thing we’ve ever seen. Just because of the stakes of it, the fact Chris Weidman doesn’t get to reaffirm and prove what he was potentially on his way to proving that very night. Anderson Silva has that amazing run where he’s the king of highlight reels and he’s the greatest of all-time, and his streak is unparalleled, and this may be the last image we get of him. The unthinkable is how Anderson Silva defined his career, and now there’s a tragic side of it, there’s another side of it. But having your leg broken like that, you can’t picture that happening ever, and we’re deprived of the answers that Saturday night was supposed to resolve.

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