Packers RB Aaron Jones Advocates for the Value of Running Backs

In a recent interview during SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Training Camp Tour, Green Bay Packers’ running back Aaron Jones shared his thoughts on his evolving role within the team, his support for young quarterback Jordan Love, and the value of the running back position in the modern NFL.

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A Veteran Presence in the Locker Room:

As the Packers’ roster experiences a shift in dynamics, Aaron Jones finds himself leading the locker room. Jones discussed the interesting dynamic of feeling like a seasoned player in one moment while still maintaining the fresh energy of a younger athlete, “I still feel like at times I feel like I’m in year three, like body-wise coming in my approach, still feels fresh to me, still feels good.”

Jones continued, “But then on the other side, we do have a young team on the offensive side of the ball. So that is where I do start to feel like a vet, in terms of even just going back showing old clips.”

Supporting Jordan Love:

With the departure of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers’ quarterback position has undergone a significant change. Jordan Love is now at the helm, and Jones expressed his commitment to support the young quarterback as he takes on the starting role.

“I feel like he’s getting more than just a running back in me. He’s getting a leader, somebody who’s gonna try to help him along the way,” said Jones. “I know this is gonna be his first time as the full-time starter and coming into a season. So, I’ve had the experience, so I feel like it’s only right that I give it back to him… we definitely believe in him.”

The Running Back’s Value:

The conversation shifted towards the perception of running backs in the league and the discussion around their value. Jones expressed his belief that the running back position is still highly valuable, despite the recent trend of teams devaluing it.

“I definitely do believe the position is being devalued. Why I have no clue, when we’re asked to pass protect… sometimes we’re the difference in whether the quarterback gets the ball out on a deep ball or the we could be the difference between a touchdown or incompletion or a sack,” said Jones.

“I do understand it’s a business but I do think running backs are one of the most valuable positions on the field if you ask me. I don’t think there’s, other than the quarterback, there’s nobody maybe the center, but there’s nobody doing more on the field other than running back has to know more.”

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