Chris Heroy, meet “Jason.”

Heroy, Kyle Larson’s crew chief, was on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio earlier this week when he received a peculiar question from a caller.

Hey Chris. My name’s Jason, and I was wondering: A lot of great race car drivers, as well as crew chiefs like yourself, have a lot of facial hair. And I don’t know if Kyle can grow facial hair or not, but, do you think it would help the performance on the race track if he was able to grow a mustache?

Heroy chuckled, then responded:

I think Kyle could grow an awesome mustache, actually. He can’t grow much facial hair, but he could grow a sweet ‘stache, and I’ve been telling him to do it. He better get on it; I hope he’s listening.

The “I hope he’s listening” remark sent hosts Dave Moody and Angie Skinner into a fit of laughter, as it turned out “Jason” was actually Larson.

Heroy’s reaction to the prank call?

“I knew you were gonna do this, ya jerk!”

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