A look back at Lou Reed’s show on The Loft

Mike Marrone, Program Director for The Loft, looks back at Lou Reed’s legacy as a musician, and his weekly SiriusXM show, Lou Reed’s New York Shuffle with Hal Wilner.

Lou Reed’s legacy casts a very long shadow, as it would not be a stretch at all to call him one of the most profoundly influential musicians of the last century. The story goes that although the first Velvet Underground album sold only 30,000 copies in the first five years of release, most people that bought one started a band of their own.

(I wrote about my personal interaction with Lou on my Mike’s Basement Blog yesterday.)

As free-form and wide-ranging as the music on The Loft is, Lou’s show managed to make it seem almost tame in comparison. Lou and his co-conspirator, Hal Wilner, took listeners to places no one expected, and their two hours on the radio were impossible to predict or anticipate. You really never knew what might come next.

Lou wanted the show to be on in the middle of the night, because like many of us raised on true free-form radio, late nights with your radio were the “special time” for discovery and adventure. I never heard a single episode that didn’t turn me on to something or someone. In fact, I first heard Trixie Whitley on Lou’s show.

It was a supreme honor to run this show on The Loft.

Watch below for Marrone’s top five Lou Reed songs.

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