A.J. Green on Pacman Jones incident: ‘I don’t think it was that bad’

The Cincinnati Bengals got their 2015 season off to big start on Sunday as they dominated the Oakland Raiders 33-13 – and star wide receiver A.J. Green was pumped up about the victory.

Green, who caught five passes for 63 yards in Week 1, explained on NFL Radio what steps the Bengals are taking to end their four year losing streak in the first round of the playoffs.

“Our leaders are stepping up on offense and the defensive side of holding each other accountable and just not letting somebody slide with a bad play, or not hustling or working hard,” Green said. “For us, it’s just to continue to get better each week, blocking out the noise, staying within our locker room and continue to grow together and keep getting better each weekend. I think everything else will take care of itself.”

Green also joined Mad Dog Sports Radio and gave his thoughts on Adam Jones pulling off Amari Cooper’s helmet, and slamming his head into it.


“I think it just looked worse than it was,” Green said. “I don’t think it was that bad on the field, I think the video just makes it even worse. It’s football, though. In the heat of the moment a lot of things goes on.”

If Green wasn’t in the NFL, what other sport does he think he could play professionally?

“I think I could play basketball,” said Green. “I think there’s some football players that could go to the next sport and be pretty good at it because we’re so competitive.”

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