7 work hacks to watch and listen to the NCAA Tournament in secret

Everybody wants to enjoy the NCAA Tournament, but unfortunately eight (or more) hours of our days are consumed by this little nuisance called work. We’re paid to sit at our desks, hammering away at the next quarterly report. So, it’d be problematic if your boss caught us streaming four games at the same time. Here are seven ways to secretly listen to the NCAA Tournament on SiriusXM, or watch it online.

You can find channel listings for every game of the NCAA Tournament on SiriusXM’s college basketball schedule.

1. Exchange your headphones for a headset with a mouthpiece

Invest in a headset with a microphone (real or fake, doesn’t matter), and act like you’re on a conference call all day. In reality? You’re listening to the games. (Every. Single. One of them.) With a simple point to your headset, your boss will know not to bother you for at least the next 30 minutes. (Spoiler alert: It’s gonna be longer than that.) Bonus points: Everybody will think you’re hot stuff, on that eight-hour conference call.

2. Boss Button

Looking to stream the games as a complement to SiriusXM’s radio coverage? You can watch on NCAA.com. So how do you pull off this covert operation, with the game playing on your monitor, smack dab in the middle of your cubicle? The NCAA stream features a Boss Button – a quick-hide button, which displays a Q1 presentation, notes or a general search page when clicked. Easily outsmart your sneaky manager who likes to creep up behind you, and look like you’re doing something productive with a single click.

3. Run the office pool

With great responsibility comes great power. Or is it the other way around? Who cares! Accept the responsibility of running your office’s pool, and you’ll inherit the power to enjoy the NCAA Tournament at work. After all, the person in charge of the brackets has to stay on top of the scores.

And for extra insurance …

4. Get your boss to join your pool

There may be a significant age difference between you and your boss, so make them feel like one of the “cool kids” by inviting them to join the office pool. But beware: This is high-risk, high-reward. If your boss gets too invested in the tournament, they might start sending their assignments your way.

5. Keep a (really) low profile

Walk straight into your cubicle without greeting anybody. Keep snacks handy and limit your bathroom breaks. Cancel all meetings because you’re working on a “project” that will consume all of your time. Fashion a Costanzian hideout underneath your desk. If there are no reasons for anyone to bother you, you’ll be able to listen to the games in peace.

6. Designate a lookout

There’s always that one coworker who didn’t fill out a bracket for the office pool. Instead of shaking your head at them for being a goody-two-shoes, invite them to join in on your mischief as the designated lookout. Butter them up and make them feel important. You could start by lending them your stapler.

7. Work from home

Looking for a Hail Mary? In the days leading up to the tournament, lay the groundwork for a contagious flu. Do whatever it takes – cough, blow your nose, skip lunch because you’re “nauseous.” If you sell it properly, your boss may be the one kicking you out of the office. But don’t be greedy and ruin it for the rest of us; do the courteous thing and offer to work from home, even if you know you’ll be glued to the tournament all the livelong day.

For broadcast dates and times, visit the SiriusXM College Sports Nation hoops schedule.

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