We learned so many endearing things about Patti LaBelle during her SiriusXM Town Hall, we hardly know where to begin. (Girl’s got a lot of stories!) After careful deliberation, however, we were able to boil Patti’s Town Hall with Gayle King down to Six Things We Didn’t Know.

Sitting down for an intimate conversation with a group of SiriusXM subscribers, King and the Lady Marmalade singer compared notes on everything from the Real Housewives franchise to Patti’s (alleged) beef with Aretha Franklin (which, according to Patti, doesn’t exist).

But you don’t have to take our word for it: Watch highlights from Patti’s Town Hall below!



1.) Patti really likes to watch Real Housewives:

But which city, Patti? Atlanta? NYC? Miami?



2.) There’s NO beef with Aretha Franklin:

“She’s a legend. I love her. No way would I fight anybody like that. She’s my dog!”



3.) Patti’s still got it:

See: that time she broke out an impromptu rendition of If You Asked Me To and New Attitude.



4.) Patti wants to “sing in a casino like Celine [Dion]”:

I’d watch your back if I were you, Celine.



5.) Patti is a big fan of British singer Emeli Sandé:

“You don’t hear voices like that. She’s the bomb.”



6.) Patti’s got a little gangsta in her:

“If you put on 2pac’s California Love, you’ll see me tear this this place up!”

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