Eddie George

With the 2014 Heisman Trophy announcement this Saturday (ESPN Radio, channel 83 at 7 pm ET), SiriusXM College Sports Nation asked their own Eddie George, winner of the 1995 Heisman after a 1,927-yard, 24-touchdown season with the Ohio State Buckeyes, a few questions about his win.

Was there a point during the 1995 season that you thought you might win the Heisman?

“It was such a tight race … it wasn’t anything etched in stone for me to go out and win it.”

What did it feel like to be at the Heisman Trophy ceremony?

“It just had that air of excellence. I just remember saying that if I don’t make it, if I don’t get called, I’ve won anyway.”

What was the most fun experience you had after your Heisman win?

“I saw my wife, now, walk by me … I like to say I won two trophies that night.”

How in the world did you break your Heisman Trophy on the way home from the ceremony?!

“I wanted to carry it with me, have it’s own seat in first class. So I go to LaGuardia and I had the trophy in my hand and it’s time for me to go through [security] …”

What does the brotherhood of Heisman winners mean to you?

“We all have one thing in common and that was that for one year, you were the best player in the country.”

Who do you think wins this year’s Heisman?

Last week, the guy who was leading the pack was Melvin Gordon … but I have to go with Mr. Consistency.”

Don’t miss SiriusXM College Sports Nation‘s special with Heisman winners Eddie George, Tim Brown and Archie Griffin, this Friday at 1 pm ET, as the trio answer your Heisman questions and give an in-depth look at this year’s candidates.

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