With the sun (finally) shining, summer is always cause to look and feel your best. But with so many beauty tips to pick from, it could be very easy for a lady to feel overwhelmed.

Well, the SiriusXM STARS crew can help you there: Makeup queen Bobbi Brown recently appeared on Mostly Martha to discuss some classic makeup tips that never go out of style, actress Maria Menounos filled us in on some easy workout ideas on Wake Up! With Taylor, and The Perri Peltz Show recorded a Summer Beauty Special with Allure Magazine featuring Beauty Editors Sophie Panych and Elizabeth Siegel, who had some valuable warm weather beauty ideas of their own.

Still, that’s a lot of ground to cover. So we’ve rounded up our top five summer beauty tips, according to Bobbi, Maria, Sophie, and Elizabeth.

1.) Match makeup to your skin tone: Brown believes the biggest makeup mistake women can make is not choosing the right foundation and concealer for their skin tone. “Without the right concealer, corrector, and foundation, your makeup’s never gonna look good … Foundation has to look like skin.”

2.) Find out which frames fit your face: Having just released a new book called Everything Eyes, Brown addresses all questions surrounding the windows to our soul — the eyes! In particular, Brown insists on framing the eyes with correctly shaped glasses. “Women have different shaped faces. So, if you have an oval face compared to a round face, the same glasses are not gonna work.”

3.) Committing to cutbacks: Believe it or not,Menounos does not go to the gym! How exactly does she stay healthy and fit? Menounos says she keeps trim with creative exercise antics, like, say, the time she lunged from her car to her front door after eating ravioli. Also, portion control. “I wrote down everything I ate for a week, and I realized carbs are my problem. So, I just made little cutbacks. So, like, instead of having four slices of pizza, I’m like, I’m gonna have three.”

4.) Protect skin without clogging pores: SPF sunscreen and summer go together like yellow cabs and New York City. Panych and Siegel recommend using sunscreen that is broad spectrum with an SPF of at least 30, and also sunscreen that won’t clog pores. “Another thing to look for [in sunscreen] are the words ‘non-comedogenic’ … It means that it won’t clog pores and basically it means if you have oily skin, the words ‘oil-free’ don’t mean as much as the words ‘non-comedogenic’ do.”

5.) Layering for that special day: Summer is wedding season, so how does one (bride or guest) keep makeup from running? Although keeping makeup light is ideal, Panych and Siegel insist that layering is key. “…[What] makeup artists do when they want makeup to last for a really long time is they’ll layer different types of formula … Keep it really light, but if you do, like, a cream eye shadow and then a powder eye shadow over it … just having two different types of formulas that grab onto each other, and it will last significantly longer.”

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