5 reasons you need SiriusXM for Super Bowl LII

A little cold weather couldn’t stop SiriusXM from going all out for Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

The clock is ticking down on your chance to hear your favorite sports and entertainment hosts break down the game, halftime show, and all the big guests in between. So, without further delay, here are five reasons you’ll want to be dialed in this week.

1. Super Bowl LII Radio (Ch. 145) is curating all the best programming happening across several SiriusXM channels through Super Bowl week. If you’re looking for just the highlights, look no further.

2. Player and coach interviews: Have we mentioned that SiriusXM NFL Radio (Ch. 88) and Mad Dog Sports Radio (Ch. 82) are absolutely killing it out here? Everyone from Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins (right before that huge trade) to Doug Pederson and Tom Brady himself has sat down with us to talk shop leading up to the season’s biggest game.

3. Celebrities galore!: Our very own Sway Calloway, Jenny McCarthy, Joel and Victoria Osteen and many more will be live from the Mall of America, bringing you the biggest celebs in town who want to weigh in on all the action.

4. Expert pre-game analysis: The Movin’ the Chains gang of Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller (Ch. 88) are the last voices you’ll hear before coverage of the big game. You’re in good hands: They’ve been interviewing players and coaches all week long.

5. Your hometown call, whether your hometown is Boston or Tokyo.

Westwood Broadcast – SXM NFL Radio Channel 88
New England Broadcast – Mad Dog Radio Channel 82
Philadelphia Broadcast – Fox Sports Radio Channel 83
Spanish Broadcast (Deportes) – ESPN Deportes Channel 468
German Broadcast (Prosieben) – Sirius 132 / XM 227 / App Channel 963
French Broadcast (W9) – Sirius 138 / XM 226 / App Channel 962
Hungarian Broadcast (AMC Hungary) – Sirius 137 / XM 225 / App Channel 961
Mandarin Broadcast (Tencent) – Sirius 134 / XM 228 / App Channel 964
Japanese Broadcast (NHK) – Sirius 135 / XM 229 / App Channel 965
Spanish Broadcast (TV Azteca–Mexico) – Sirius 108 / XM 230 / App Channel 966

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