5 reasons Ethan Hawke’s interview with Larry Flick was just the best

At the age of 18, Ethan Hawke was talented enough to star in Dead Poets Society alongside the great Robin Williams. Now, at 44, Hawke has some serious directing chops, a stage career under his belt, two novels to his name, a role in a film that has Oscar nods on lock this year (ever heard of Boyhood?), and a sci-fi film hitting theaters this Friday (and Presdestination looks all kinds of fun).

On top of all that, Hawke is a really cool guy. He recently stopped byThe Morning Jolt with Larry Flick to discuss Presdestination – and offer some crazy good words of wisdom. Here are five of our favorite tidbits from the OutQ interview:

1.) Hawke is a total “music head.”

“For me, it’s just the single greatest joy of my life,” Hawke said. “[For] our Christmas card every year, we do a little zip drive. Everybody in my family makes a playlist. So my wife makes a playlist of her favorite songs of the year. I do it. My 16-year-old makes it. My 12-year-old, and then the little kids, the three-year-old and the six-year-old, combine for one. So you put it in your computer, and it makes for a very – hopefully – interesting listening experience.”

2.) After playing jazz musician Chet Baker in his (umpteenth) upcoming film, Born to Be Blue, Hawke admitted his recently rediscovered love for and understanding of the genre.

“I went down the rabbit hole on jazz again, which I hadn’t done since I was in my early twenties. But I had a real reason to be listening to it, and I felt like a door in my brain opened,” Hawke said. “My whole life, I respected it. I kind of respected the math of it all and the genius of it. But I didn’t ever really enjoy it.”

3.) He is QUITE the Beatles fan.

“My respect for [Paul McCartney] just continues to soar as a major, major figure,” Hawke said. “These people who say they don’t know who McCartney is, they might as well announce that they’ve never seen the American flag.”

4.) His experience filming Boyhood taught him some super serious life lessons.

“This is a movie that was made incredibly cheaply. When we first started it, when I would try to describe to people what we were working on before it came out, it sounded so experimental that it seemed destined to be a YouTube clip or something. And the idea that it has found its home in peoples’ hearts – when they come up to me and talk to me about the movie, I can tell they feel the movie belongs to them,” Hawke said. “What makes a movie great is something beyond any one of us … When something good happens, it’s beyond your control. When something is happening right, it’s not you manipulating it with your own agenda. It’s even that way in relationships. When a relationship goes right, it’s not ’cause you were so brilliant and you said the right thing that made your partner think X, it’s cause it all happened effortlessly.”

5.) Hawke is totally humbled by and grateful for his experience in Dead Poets Society.

“I had this blessing of being 18 with a totally open mind, don’t know a damn thing. I’m working with a comic genius. I’m working with one of the masters of my profession, of cinema, Peter Weir,” Hawke said. “I’ve had so many blessings on my life that I can claim no credit for.”

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