Happy 4/20! Here are our top songs for your … wait… what were we talking about?

The origins of the term “420” are a little fuzzy, but the important thing to (try to) remember is that every April 20 we can all celebrate that what’s from the earth is of the greatest worth. And there’s no better accompaniment to that celebration than some chill tunes. Below are our picks for the best songs to play while you celebrate your 4/20, which you can also listen to on the App and Internet player by searching #weed #blazeit or #munchies.

Jam_ON: Burn One Down (Ben Harper)

Willie’s Roadhouse: Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die (Willie Nelson)

Alt Nation: Why You Only Call Me When You’re High (Arctic Monkeys)

Shade 45: Hits From The Bong (Cypress Hill)

The Joint: Legalize It (Peter Tosh)
“With this 1975 album title song (Virgin US released it in 1976), Tosh became the earliest musical advocate for the legalization of marijuana. The album and song were banned in Peter’s homeland, Jamaica, and it is part of why he was brutally targeted by authorities there. He included this anthem in all his performances as he toured the world, never waivering in his conviction. It is an important part of his repertoire and a ‘must have’ for real collectors.” – Pat McKay

Grateful Dead Channel: Wildwood Weed (Jim Stafford)

Outlaw Country: Willin (Little Feat)

70s on 7: Dave (Cheech and Chong)
“Although there were a few songs about pot on the air, One Toke Over the Line by Brewer & Shipley or Wildwood Weed by Jim Stafford, it was Cheech and Chong, the counter-culture icons of the ‘70s, who popularized pot smoking into a snickering kick.” – Human Numan

60s on 6: Along Comes Mary (The Association)
“The writer of this song, Tandyn Almer, managed to masque the marijuana reference well enough (it’s the Mary in the title) that top 40 radio fell for it … and it became a top 10 hit in the summer of 1966. The rapid fire lyrics and summer-y harmonies combine to make it a time-honored hit. Tandyn went on to invent a water pipe called the Slave-Master, noted by some experts as ‘the perfect bong.'” – Lou Simon

SiriusXM FLY: Brown Sugar (D’Angelo)

Grateful Dead Channel: Don’t Bogart That Joint (Little Feat)

Outlaw Country: Panama Red (New Riders of Purple Sage)

Grateful Dead Channel: Hi Hi Hi (Paul McCartney and Wings)

Jam_ON: You Enjoy Myself (Phish)

SiriusXMU: California Nights (Best Coast)

Lithium: I Smoke Two Joints (Sublime)
“Sublime’s take on the The Toyes classic, I Smoke Two Joints, is a ’90s alternative pro-marijuana anthem.'” – Kory Henneman

Jam_ON: Recreational Chemistry (Moe.)

Octane: Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath)
“You can’t celebrate 4/20 without listening to Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath. The first song to embrace the stoner tradition of coughing on the record. One of the greatest heavy guitar riffs and lyrics that are better than most love songs. Only in this case he’s in love with a plant.” – Vincent Usuriello

Jam_ON: Mountain Jam (Allman Brothers Band)

Grateful Dead Channel: One Toke Over the Line (Brewer and Shipley)

Liquid Metal: Green Machine (Kyuss)
“Kyuss is the ultimate stoner rock band, laying down skunky riffs from the California desert since the ’90s. This song is one of the most perfect songs to blaze to, and is, right behind Black Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf the best tasting song for all 4/20 celebrations!” – Jose Mangin

Outlaw Country: Don’t Bogart Me (Fraternity Man)

Chill: Take Your Mind Off (Kaskade)
“The title says it all!” – Ben Harvey

Jam_ON: Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown (Yonder Mountain String Band)

Grateful Dead Channel: Champagne and Reefer (Muddy Waters)

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