4 things we learned from Howard Stern’s interview with Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams dropped by the Stern Studios on Tuesday to talk with the King of All Media, Howard Stern. As all those who step into the King’s court tend to be and tend to do, Pharrell was super honest and taught us a few new things about his life and career.

1. Happy was written for Cee Lo Green

According to Pharrell, Cee Lo “sounded amazing” when he recorded Happy, and “burned” Pharrell’s version. For reasons that Pharrell was covert about, though, Cee Lo’s recording of Happy was never released. In the end, Cee Lo was gracious, and congratulated Pharrell on the success of the hit.

2. Before Pharrell agreed to join The Voice, he was interviewed by American Idol

Pharrell told Howard that he thinks American Idol was “turned off” by Pharrell in the interview process. Pharrell added that he wasn’t a believer in the philosophy of Idol.

3. I’m A Slave 4 U was originally written for Janet Jackson

Pharrell wrote I’m A Slave 4 U, and gave it to Britney Spears after he was approached by Spears’ then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. But the song wasn’t initially written for Britney.

4. Pharrell once slept with eight women at once

Where was Pharrell when this happened? “Out of my mind.” For more Howard Stern coverage, follow @sternshow on Twitter and Instagram, and visit howardstern.com.

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