4 Channels 1 Question: What’s the most dangerous song on your playlist?

What’s the most dangerous song on your playlist?

SiriusXM Hits 1 = Katy Perry’s Roar
“Between her leopard print outfit and that untamed personality, I would have to vote for Katy Perry. Not only is she one of the nicest rock stars ever to swing into the Hits 1 studio, but her new song has come roaring in at #1 faster than Tiger Woods at a Swedish supermodel singles bar.” – SiriusXM Hits 1 host Mikey Piff

Elvis Radio = Elvis drops an F-bomb
“Hi there, this is TY, nighttime DJ on Elvis Radio. I’d have to dive into our deep archives in the Elvis Radio vault, where we have so many studio and rehearsal versions, and almost all of them are the coolest recordings Elvis ever made. I’d say the most dangerous “songs” are actually the studio outtakes where Elvis drops an F-bomb… or 3! This even happened during a gospel session, so my worst nightmare would be having it air during our Wednesday night Gospel Time jam!” –  Elvis Radio host TY

The JointPeter Tosh’s Equal Rights
“From the opening line to the last, Peter defined the now clichéd expression “radical.” There was still an active peace movement when this song was first released (1977!) and Peter displaced those activists and that line of thinking by addressing a more important concern for the masses – justice. He also fearlessly flew in Christianity’s face while he was at it, singing – and really delivering – the messages of this song with unmistakable passion and conviction on a lovely melody.” – The Joint host Pat McKay

Willie’s Roadhouse = Porter Wagoner’s Cold Hard Facts Of Life
“Hands down. It has everything a country song ought’a have… adultery, multiple homicides and a splash of alcohol!” – Willie’s Roadhouse host Dallas Wayne

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