If your channel was a movie soundtrack, which movie would it be? 

Hair Nation = Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (Yes, the sequel)
“Bill and Ted play Battleship with the Grim Reaper himself! All while blasting tunes from King’s X, KISS, Steve Vai, Winger, Megadeath and Slaughter! I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried – it actually happened in 1991 and there’s video evidence to prove it!” – Hair Nation host, Luc Carl

Outlaw CountrySmokey and The Bandit.
“Its already an awesome soundtrack and thats why we play “East Bound and Down” and “The Bandit.” The cassette tape on Amazon will run you $297.77. Seriously. But you can hear it on SXM Outlaw Country with your subscription.” – Outlaw Country host Elizabeth Cook

SiriusXM FLY = Strictly Business
“If SXM FLY was a movie soundtrack, I’d say our mirror would be Strictly Business. With songs like Jeff Redd’s You Called and Told Me, Mary J. Blige’s You Remind Me and Grand Puba’s Fat Rat, plus songs by LL Cool J, Jodeci and Heavy D. & the Boys, this movie captured the perfect picture of our sound. The year was 1991.” –  SiriusXM FLY host Ronnie Mills

BPM = Jackass
“Hmm, I’d say BPM is the soundtrack to Jackass. Only because it’s the first mass-medium for explosives firing off via a poor soul’s rear. JK, but not really. It was America’s go-to for EDM long before it was even called “EDM.” Jackass was groundbreaking and full of energy. It makes you cry, smile and get sexy all at once.” –  SiriusXM Electro host Kramer

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