The remnants of your 2014 fantasy football team(s) are still warm. So that means now is the perfect time to start talking about 2015 fantasy football drafts.

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio took a stab at answering a quartet of fantasy football questions that will keep fantasy football owners up at night for the next seven-plus months:

When will Odell Beckham Jr. be drafted?

The New York Giants wide receiver’s rookie season was the stuff of legends. The championship owner in your league probably had Beckham on his roster. So where does he go in 2015? As early as the top eight? Late first round, early second? Mike Blewitt’s take:

We’re all influenced by what we’re seeing at this moment, and Beckham is a guy who is a rising star. I think he already counts among the top 10 fantasy wide receivers coming into next year, and probably even a little bit higher.

Who should be the No. 1 pick in PPR formats?

Jeff Mans had the first overall pick in SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s first mock draft of 2015. His selection was a bit surprising: Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Mans explained:

I think this year and the last couple of years has shown that you don’t need the absolute best. You don’t need to swing for the fences and take on a whole lot of risk, especially in the early rounds. Why bother with the risk? To me, Antonio Brown is the least risky pick there is in fantasy football right now, just hitting the prime of his career … still with Ben Roethlisberger and the same team and the same offense, presumably, it’s all good for Antonio Brown in 2015. To me, he represents the least amount of risk in a PPR format.

Which players should be two-through-five in PPR formats?

According to that same mock draft:

2. Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears
4. Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers
5. DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

What should your strategy be when it comes to drafting quarterbacks?

Mans and Ted Schuster pointed out the depth at the position – only two of the top 14 players in fantasy football scoring at the conclusion of 2014 weren’t quarterbacks, and Joe Flacco, who was the No. 16 overall scorer in 2014, didn’t even have an ADP in the top 150. Still, both Mans and Schuster would rather a sure thing at quarterback over streaming options.

“I’m not a guy who likes to play roulette with my quarterback,” Mans said. “I like to have a guy and that’s my guy, and just get all the points he gets. I don’t like playing match-ups.”

Schuster said he’d rather take a QB-1 over a player like Randall Cobb in mock drafts at this point, because players like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and Drew Brees will always be reliable, while Cobb doesn’t even have a team yet.

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