Ten years ago, an NBC comedy about an NBC sketch comedy premiered, introducing viewers to the wacky characters working at 30 Rock.

Narcissistic stars Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) kept us laughing with their unhinged antics, but it’s Tina Fey’s nerdy head writer Liz Lemon who proved the most (pathetically) relatable.

In honor of 30 Rock’s anniversary, here are 10 times Liz exemplified our lives:

When we’re too hangry to function 

When we feel forever alone 

When we’re awesome but underappreciated 

When we have our own priorities

When words fail

When it’s pay day

When it’s Friday night

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When it’s Monday morning

When someone says they’ve never watched 30 Rock

When we remember 30 Rock ended in 2013

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