The 2015-2016 NBA season is almost here, and to get ready for all the action the new season will bring, SiriusXM NBA Radio is visiting the training camps of 11 teams, bringing fans updates, interviews and insights from some of the best in the game. NBA Radio recently stopped by the camp of the Miami Heat. Miami is hoping to bounce back from a disappointing 37-45 season, one which followed a streak of four straight trips to the NBA Finals (with LeBron James, of course).

Dwayne Wade isn’t concerned about how many minutes he plays, he just wants to help the team win.

“I just want to play the game and be as effective as I can,” Wade said. “I would love to always be a plus. And whatever coach decides for myself I have to be okay with it. If it’s 35 minutes a game, I gotta figure it out. if it’s 30 minutes a game, then I have to figure out how to be effective in those minutes.”

Amar’e Stoudemire is excited and embracing his role with the Miami Heat.

“We are really eager to play, the game has been so much fun to play right now,” said Stoudemire. “I notice that the organization really appreciates me being here. There’s not a better feeling than knowing that you have an organization and teammates that appreciate your presence. And so it allows me to work even harder and focus even more to become a better player.”

Coach Erik Spoelstra isn’t looking to limit the playing time of Chris Bosh and Wade.

“I’m not looking to limit somebody or manage their minutes, I’m trying to maximize and put guys in positions to be their absolute best,” said Spoelstra. “I’m trying to get the most out of those guys. We need those guys to be big, important players for us this season.”

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