“2014, what? I’m gonna remember this year very fondly.” Tinashe opens up about 2 On + her overnight success

If you haven’t heard Tinashe’s super smash hit  2 On, then you’ve basically been living under a musical rock (sorry). Not only is the singer, dancer, actress and a model’s single a bona fide Song of Summer 2014, but her debut album, Aquarius, has just arrived. Stopping by The Morning Jolt on OutQ, Tinashe opened up to Larry Flick about her brand-new album release.

Tinashe began by expressing her reaction to the success of 2 On, which was formally released on January 2014. “This song blew up, I was so happy. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be this big, but I hoped it would be successful. It by far exceeded my expectation,” she said. “2014, what? I’m gonna remember this year very fondly,” she added.

Tinashe then shared the meaning behind Far Side of the Moon, one of the tracks on her new album. “To me, this song is like when you’re in a relationship, or you were in a relationship… Or, no, you’re thinking about getting into a relationship, but you’re not necessarily ready to go there because there’s a lot of personal issues between you and the dude. Like, he stresses you out.”

“As far as this album, I really wanted it to be dynamic and not feel like you’re going 60 miles per hour the whole time. There are some songs that are really sensual and soft, and there songs where I really belt.. I just try to give like, you know, a story, ” she added.

Oh, and did we mention that Tinashe writes her own music? Yep, she wrote 99% of the songs on Aquarius. “I wrote on every single track except for one. So of all the 18 tracks, I wrote 17 of them,” she said.

Finally, you think you’re excited about Aquarius? Well, the R&B singer shares your excitement — times 100. During their chat, Tinashe told Larry how she could barely sleep the night before her album came out (can’t say we blame her). “I started off today so tired because I probably slept for like an hour-and-a-half ’cause all night I was up reading comments. My Twitter was a never-ending stream of like, ‘the new album’s out, the new album’s out’ and I couldn’t put my phone down to save my life.”

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