20 reasons we cannot wait to see the Howard Stern Birthday Bash video

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all read about it. Now, the King of All Media announced Monday on The Howard Stern Show, we can see it:

The video of the greatest four hours of radio in history, Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash, will stream for free on SiriusXM.com at some point in the near future.

“I’ve had the video of it at home and I can’t stop watching it,” Howard said. “For all of you that heard and loved the birthday bash, which was I think our biggest radio show in history […] I invite you to see the birthday bash, and it will available to you and everyone in the world for free this summer.”

“I’m putting it up on SiriusXM.com for the whole world to see. You’ll see the entire birthday bash beginning to end – I’ll put the whole f—— thing up there!,” Howard added.

There are probably about 1,000 reasons to be excited about this news. BuzzFeed pointed out 55 reasons why the show was awesome back in February; we outlined all of the reasons why we loved the show at that point, too. Now, as we look forward to the free video, here are 20 reasons we can’t wait to finally see what we heard over and over (with SiriusXM On Demand) the past three months:

1. Rob Zombie opened the show with a live performance of The Great American Nightmare

Yeah, when we hear it during the week, it gets us psyched for The Howard Stern Show. But watching it live is a whole different level of psyched-up-ness.


2. Train (Train!) was the house band

Patrick Monahan and the guys backing Bon Jovi, Adam Levine, Steven Tyler and other guests – even if you were never a fan, you’ll see how great they were.


3. Tan Mom was there (and then got kicked out)

You’ll finally be able to see why Tan Mom was trending on Twitter.


4. Kathie Lee gave a birthday greeting

And it ended like this:

Kathie Lee


5. Bryan Cranston took the mic

And went into character as Heisenberg!

Bryan Cranston in character as Heisenberg at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Photo credit: Doug Gordon)


6. Heidi Klum introduced the world’s sexiest man: JD Harmeyer

JD Harmeyer and Heidi Klum

And then JD introduced the real world’s sexiest man …


7. Adam Levine, who performed an epic cover of Purple Rain


8. Jewel’s live performance of Silver Nickels

She hit a lot of notes like this one:

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Jewel performing on stage – #howard -#instavid

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9. Robin took the mic and sang

And you get to see the pleasure she had in getting back at all of the song parody writers from the Stern Show over the years.

Robin Quivers sings on stage at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Photo credit: Doug Gordon)


10. Because Jon Bon Jovi performed Wanted Dead or Alive

And seeing him perform it live is way better than the guy at your local karaoke bar that insists on playing it every Thursday night.


11. Sarah Silverman (va-voom!) and Natalie Maines performed a song


12. Dave Grohl, who gave an acoustic performance of Everlong

Grohl’s acoustic performance of Everlong on The Howard Stern Show in 1997 was one of the great live musical performances in the history of the show. Now, you’ll be able to watch him perform it again.

Dave Grohl performs "Everlong" at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Photo credit: Doug Gordon)


13. Lena Dunham roasted Howard

And her roast drew arguably the biggest laugh from the crowd of the night.

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@lenadunham roasting #Howard

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14. For Howard’s historic interview with David Letterman

It’s truly rare for Letterman to submit to an interview. And at the Bash, he spoke with Howard for nearly 30 minutes.

David Letterman smiles as he is interviewed by Howard at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Photo credit: Doug Gordon)


15. Louis CK’s lifeguard story

The one that ended like this:

Louis CK


16. Everyone can finally watch Ryan Phillippe give Robin a striptease

Ryan Philippe dances in front of Robin Quivers at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Photo credit: Doug Gordon)


17. To see when Rosie O’Donnell (probably) made Howard blush

And to hear the unedited version of her musical performance, which included this line:

Rose O'Donnell


18. Slash and Steven Tyler performed – together

That was about the coolest thing of all-time, agreed?


19. Every shot

And there were plenty of them.



Howard Stern


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