15 years of Shady: Eminem and Paul Rosenberg look back on Shade 45

Switch out the holiday carols for Slim Shady’s entire catalog. Shady Records turns 15 this year, and the artists on Eminem and Paul Rosenberg’s legendary label have come together to create a hip-hop compilation album that is sure to top your wish list.

Shady XV, released on Nov. 24, includes two discs of pure Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil, D12 and Yelawolf goodness. The Real Slim Shady and Rosenberg recently participated in a round table special on Eminem’s uncensored station Shade 45 (which is also turning 10) to discuss Shady XV and what’s to come. Eminem also looked back at 15 years of running the rap game.

“To lose a battle is like you’re losing your life,” Eminem said. “You can’t lose. You have to just keep going up. Otherwise your buzz and your name and everything just goes down.”

Eminem also talked about fellow artists who have influenced his career. 50 Cent’s Your Life’s On The Line was a particular track that caught his ear in the early days.

“He’s a lyrical threat. It was the way he was saying sh-t, and he just made you believe it,” Eminem said. “It was like something that I hadn’t heard before. This dude … he sounds like he’s gonna f-ck you up.”

Rosenberg praised Eminem’s hometown of Detroit for being a breeding ground for other rhyme-spitting game-changers.

“When you hear that a rapper is from Detroit, there’s certain things that you know are gonna come along with it,” Rosenberg said. “You know that it’s gonna be hardcore. You know that they’re gonna be able to rap, and you know it’s not gonna be on some bullsh-t … People rep [Detroit] so hard because it was overlooked for so long … Not that many things have broken out of there.”

Rosenberg and Slim Shady also talked about what is currently in the works for Shady Records.

“We’re putting out the Shady XV project. We’ve got the Yelawolf album coming out early next year followed by a Slaughterhouse album,” Rosenberg said. “So, the cycle’s there, but we don’t want to take on more than we can really put our fingerprints on.”

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