The only thing better than being in the audience at one of Fall Out Boy’s epic concerts? Catching the band’s hilariously candid moments while hanging out with them in the SiriusXM studio!

Fall Out Boy recently took over the Weekend Countdown and Hit-Bound on Hits 1, and we’ve got the uncensored outtakes as the perfect sound bites to pair with their new American Beauty/American Psycho album, both of which you should listen to ASAP – especially if you are snowed in.

You’ve definitely heard the band’s recent hit Centuries. (And if not, watch the full music vid below!)

However, the band noticed that the song name had been misspelled on their takeover scripts: the next FOB jam you’ll be blasting in the car? Centirues.

“Centirues is a great f-cking song,” drummer Andy Hurley joked.

“It’s an adorable misspelling, I have to say,” vocalist Patrick Stump said. “This song is about sensual wreaths that should be hung on your door every Christmas just to offend as many people as humanly possible.”

Pete Wentz suggested his band mates discuss FOB’s musical influences – in the same way one might chat at a fancy wine-tasting.

“There’s a hint of Dream Theater in there,” Wentz said.

“I’m detecting a hint of Elvis Costello. There’s a little bit of, I want to say, Lifetime. On the mouth feel, there’s a little bit of a Michael Jackson, I feel like,” Stump said. “There’s a Metallica in there.”

“I’m getting a real slick, thick Morrissey kind of flavor,” guitarist Joe Trohman said.

“The way it hits your ears, I’m sensing a little bit of Cannibal Corpse f-cking with a knife,” Hurley said.

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