YouTube Cinnamon Challenge superstar GloZell hangs with Seth Rudetsky

This weekend on Seth Speaks with Seth Rudetsky, Seth sits down with YouTube Sensation GloZell. In the interview, GloZell explained the genesis and success of her insanely popular Cinnamon Challenge video.

You know, this one:

“Shes basically famous for by accident/not realizing that she’s completely damaging herself,” explained Seth.

GloZell told Seth how she underestimated how hard the Cinnamon Challenge was going to be.

“I thought … I don’t know what’s so challenging about cinnamon, this is gonna be the dumbest video ever,” GloZell said, “I didn’t create the Cinnamon Challenge, but I ended it.”

She also addressed used a ladle instead of a spoon to eat her cinnamon:

“I was trying to make it challenging,” Glozell said. “Well let me tell you, when it started shooting out my nose … see, I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have any water around. I went to the refrigerator, got some water. It turned into cake. I was crying and laughing … I was hallucinating for the rest of the night.”

GloZell also talked about other challenges she’s attempted – such as the salt-and-ice challenge that burned off her skin – and how the Cinnamon Challenge video inspired her career of creating similar challenge videos.

Listen to a sneak peek of the interview to hear GloZell dish on her meteoric rise as an Internet star.

This week’s edition of Seth Speaks also features funny lady Rachael Harris, who drops in with her latest hilarious audition stories.

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