‘You’re limiting yourself,’ warns relationship expert Siggy Flicker to single women

You may have a list a mile long of what you’re looking for in a man. But relationship expert Siggy Flicker warns you should definitely not close yourself off to a man because he doesn’t fit the bill.

“Don’t go by a piece of paper. A piece of paper can’t determine chemistry,” Flicker says. “I’ve never had a woman come to me and say ‘I want a short guy who sits on the couch… who’s not ambitious.’ We all want the tall dark and handsome. He should make a lot of money, he should love his family, he should want to have kids… it has nothing to do with chemistry. The bottom line is to be happy. Who’s going to make you happy when you are in your home cuddling… and when you limit yourself… your soul mate could be walking right by you and you could be giving up on that opportunity.”

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