Wrestling’s ‘Most Valuable Performer’? Easy: Paul Heyman

When we produce our awards shows in January, we’ll present our Wrestler of the Year, with names the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Bully Ray. But maybe this year, we should change the award from the “Wrestler of the Year” to “Most Valuable Performer.” If we do, then we might as well hand out the hardware right now, because it’s a landslide victory.

The winner would be someone who’s had only one match (if you can call it that), who doesn’t have a single move, and who looks like a divorce lawyer.

That man is Paul Heyman.

Heyman’s really started to shine in 2012 when he returned to help Brock Lesnar in his feud with Triple H. He injected life into that story, then added to CM Punk’s new heel character in 2012. But in 2013 he has taken it to a different level.

Heyman is this era’s version of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. He makes you laugh out loud by singing “New York, New York” in a motorized wheelchair, and he makes you wait with bated breath for the moment CM Punk knocks his teeth in. The reason why he’s been so good this year is because he has separated himself from Punk. As good as he was with Punk in his feuds with The Rock and Undertaker, it’s been his battle with his “best friend” that has made must-watch TV.

This is the genius of Heyman. He has always been known as a creative mind behind the scenes, but seeing how good he is in front of the camera shows the real brilliance up close. He throws himself into segments with such reckless abandon that you cannot turn the television off.

There is no one else on the WWE roster that can consistently deliver great quality time-in and time-out. He is not only a master performer, but he is also a master promoter. No one would go out of their way to see just Curtis Axel, but with Heyman at ringside, you never know what’s going to happen.

As you can tell, we are Paul Heyman guys. We don’t know where wrestling would be without Heyman, but we can tell you it would be a lot less innovative, less violent, and we would never have seen the likes of a CM Punk on our screen.

For that, Mr. MVP, we thank you.

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