So much roiling: Iraq, the border, Ukraine, Gaza, Iran, Syria. So far North Korea is staying pretty quiet — but that never lasts. Foreign policy dominated the talk this week on the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel 124.

One key story in the Wall Street Journal Monday set the tone for the week, detailing common themes and threads in President Obama’s response to multiple foreign policy challenges. Jay Solomon authored the story with Carol Lee, and said the world unrest is the worst it’s been since the 1970s.

The White House, meanwhile, was suffering self-inflicted damage to its effort to see $3.7 billion in emergency relief for the border, by appearing to seek more flexibility in rapidly deporting migrant children from Central America. The move divided congressional Democrats, and sparked an impasse. Alan Gomez from USA Today is an expert on immigration issues.

Back on domestic politics, Robert Costa of the Washington Post spent some time in West Virginia with Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts Democrat is blowing liberal skirts up with her earnest, somewhat unpolished but fiery rhetorical styles.

Regular listeners know one of Julie’s favorite targets of scorn are the unreadable books with lame titles authored by politicians who really should know better. Matt Viser from the Boston Globe took up this literary cudgel, noting that few people are buying or reading these awful tomes, either.

And Alex Pappas from the Daily Caller rounds out our top stories with his musings on Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who wants very badly to be taken seriously, and other standouts in the prospective 2016 Republican presidential field.

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