Will sexism and ageism dominate the conversation during the 2016 presidential race?

John Fugelsang says he never knew how sexist the country was until Hillary Clinton became first lady.

And as it looks more and more like Clinton will run for president in 2016, Fugelsang and his guests are bracing themselves for the sexism and ageism likely to dominate the news cycle.

“I am thoroughly convinced that all the hidden racism that has boiled to the surface during the Obama presidency … I think the same thing is going to be true with women, and women’s place in the country, when Hillary becomes president,” Hal Sparks said on Fugelsang’s Tell Me Everything show on SiriusXM Insight.

“Every racist thing will be replaced with every sexist thing.”

Sparks and Negin Farsad anticipate chain emails including photos of the Washington Monument replaced with a tampon and continuing jokes about Clinton’s wardrobe.

They also foresee comments about Clinton’s age, which, as it turns out, is the same age as Mitt Romney (67).

“Don’t forget how she wore glasses that one time, so she’s probably just totally going downhill,” Farsad joked.

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