Fashionista, TV personality and former Paris Hilton BFF Nicole Richie recently stopped by SiriusXM Stars to chat with Just Jenny host Jenny Hutt, where the two played a little game called “Ask Nicole.” Here’s what we learned about Nicole:

Which celebrity closet would Nicole most like to raid?
“I would say Beyoncé, because she’s a pop star that flies through the air and always has some sort of glitter… I would say definitely Beyoncé, just for the drama of it all.”

How about those tabloids that insist Nicole’s marriage to Joel Madden is on the rocks?
“Joel is the worst.”

Will Nicole ever reunite with Paris Hilton?
“Justin Bieber has taught me many things, and I will quote him: Never say never.”

Would Nicole ever consider a singing career (like her dad, Lionel)?
“I love singing, it’s something I’ve been doing — I’ve been singing and playing piano since I was a little girl. It’s not something that I do on a professional level, but it is something that I do, and I love doing it.”

Any babies in Nicole’s future?
“Here’s what I’ll tell you: I held my friend’s baby the other day, and the head was wobbling around, and I remembered what it was like. I was like, ‘Oh, I have to watch this kid that I’m holding. I gave it back to my friend, and was like, ‘Take this baby. Take this baby.’ I am not in the right head space to be taking care of a baby right now. But listen, if it happens, it happens.”

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