Why the quarter-life crisis is afflicting Millenials, but is not their fault

Ever heard of “the quarter-life crisis?” It’s a real thing according to life coach Carin Rockind.

“Here’s what’s going on. We have all these overachievers, someone who is 25, 27, 30 right now. You were in high school, you did 18 thousand activities in order to get into a great college, you went to a great college, you got great grades, you were top of your class … and all of a sudden you go into the work world, and you’re at the bottom,” she said.

But it’s not all bad news, you can use it to your advantage. “We can either use these big times as a crisis or a catalyst. Which are you going to choose for it to be?” she asked, before going on to explain ways that this can benefit those Millenials, Gen Yers and to some extent Gen Xers going through it right now.

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