Whether it’s Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro or Roger Clemens, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America has made it very clear that they will not elect any player to the Hall of Fame who’s name is associated with performance-enhancing drugs.

But baseball writer Jacob Shafer explained to Bleacher Report Radio why he would vote for many of the former MVPs, Cy Young winners and All-Stars of the steroid era who have been turned away from Cooperstown.

“I think the steroid era is what it is, it’s a period of baseball,” Shafer said. “Every era has its unique aspects, and I’m not saying steroids aren’t a cut above in terms of the issues that they bring up. But I think the guys that put up the other worldly numbers, who would have been first ballot Hall of Famers had they not taken steroids, I’m talking [Alex] Rodriguez, Clemens, Bonds, I think they belong in the Hall of Fame. To me, it’s not a reward for good behavior, it’s a museum where you put the best players in baseball.”

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