Whether soaring with an umbrella in hand as Mary Poppins or sliding down a staircase like a queen in The Princess Diaries, the legendary Julie Andrews never fails to dazzle an audience.

One of Andrews’ most iconic roles will always be the delightful Maria von Trapp from The Sound of Music, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Andrews recently stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio to discuss her starring role in the film.

She revealed that her favorite song from the musical is Edelweiss – and that the opening shot was one of the most hazardous to capture.

“The shot was filmed by a helicopter until the moment that I actually turn and am in closer on the camera…It was a jet engine helicopter with a very brave pilot hanging out the side,” Andrews said. “Every time he circled around me, the down draft from the jet engines just leveled me into the grass…I was getting so angry thinking ‘Doesn’t he see that I’m spitting grass and hay?'”

We would have never known, Dame Julie Andrews.

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