Widely known, revered, and feared, hip-hop staple 50 Cent is perhaps best known for his debut and sophomore albums, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and The Massacre, both of which are rap enthusiast essentials that propelled Fiddy to the top of the charts in the early-to-mid ’00s.

In his SiriusXM Town Hall, the New York native, Grammy winner, author, actor, rapper, and certifiable badass discussed everything from his new single, Smoke, to collaborating with the legendary Dr. Dre to working with author Robert Greene on his bestselling book, The 50th Law.

“[Robert and I] worked together on The 50th Law, but before we got to do that…he said to me…You choose what’s valuable, but the things that you do hear that are valuable, if you make it your business to keep [that advice], even if you have to write it down so you have to say it to yourself…and hold onto it until it becomes a part of you in way you would actually express yourself, you’ll develop a more advanced presentation,” Fiddy explained. “I got that [advice] from Robert.”

50 Cent also went on to say that he uses his strong sense of power to “put pressure” on Dr. Dre, who produced Fiddy’s upcoming album, Animal Ambition (dropping June 3): “I’ll play music that I made with other producers or other people [for Dre] that’s hot, and then he’ll go, ‘Oh no. I got something. Look. Watch this. Look.’ And when he play it, then he’s like ‘Oh sh–, I got a hit,'” 50 Cent joked. Nevertheless, even a rapper as powerful as Fiddy will give credit where it is due.

“I make good music with Dre,” Fiddy said. “Regardless of whether it’s for my project, his project, whoever it is…we’ll sort through the music until we find something that really means something.”

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