Airing Sunday, August 24th at 10 am and 10 pm ET on SiriusXM Urban View 

During the second edition of Cocoa Conversations, SiriusXM Urban View‘s Shawna Renee sat down with a panel of community leaders to present Cocoa Conversations: In His Image. The special focused on the images of African American men and looked at the lack of positive male role models in the home and on television today.

With the ongoing unrest in Ferguson, Mo. and the troubling issues involving black males in various US cities and towns, the special takes a look at the images of black men in the media as it pertains to entertainment, news, and social media, with a focus on understanding how to make a shift to a more positive narrative.

“When you look at, I’m a sports nut, whenever they talk about this guy Antonio Cromartie who plays for the Jets, they always talk about Antonio Cromartie who has nine children by seven different women. They never talk about Tom Brady from the Patriots, who left his pregnant girlfriend to marry someone else. So again, it’s shaping the narrative. The issues aren’t just black folks … It’s just easier to pigeonhole us as the problem, the problem with all that’s wrong in American society.”

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