Last Friday in Arizona, Tiger Woods missed the cut at the Phoenix Open by 12 shots. He fired an 82 that day, the highest round of his career.

Six days later, he was back on the course at Torrey Pines North in the Farmers Insurance Open. Until his back acted up, and on the 12th green, at two-over par, Woods withdrew from the tournament.

So what do we make of Woods, once the greatest golfer in the game by a mile? SiriusXM PGA TOUR hosts Chris DiMarco and Hank Haney, guest Fred Funk, and Mad Dog Sports Radio host Dan Graca all tried to make sense of Tiger’s decline.

DiMarco: You need to call Butch

I don’t think he has the yips. I’ve putted and I’ve had them. I have not seen a flinch or anything like that right at impact. I just think he’s right in the middle of techniques. … I don’t think he has any confidence. I don’t think that he thinks he’s going to hit a good chip. If you don’t think you’re gonna hit a good chip, you’re not gonna hit a good chip. … You need to call Butch. That’s what you need to do.

Funk: He could’ve set the record

I was shocked when I saw the clips … of his round [at Phoenix], and I just can’t believe he is chipping that bad. He went from the all-time best I’ve ever seen to a guy we all see in Pro-Ams. It was that bad. I don’t get it. I just don’t understand. I’ve really never understood all the changes he’s made with his instructors. I don’t know what really went down with he and Butch, but I sure wish he stayed with Butch. Because honestly, I think he would’ve had Jack’s record.

Haney: Why all the changes?

He has been his worst enemy. If you look at all the swing changes, if he never changed his golf swing from Butch Harmon, he probably would’ve already broken Jack Nicklaus’ record. … This is just time that he keeps wasting. … He’s gotta get this back organized. He’s gotta get his swing organized so it doesn’t hurt his back. Then he’s gotta deal with the driver issue, then he’s gotta deal with the short-game issue. Lot of issues to deal with, not much time. Clock’s ticking fast now.

Graca: Speechless

A guy who’s won a total of 14 major championships. Who was the greatest golfer on the planet. People were already talking about this guy going down as the greatest of all-time. And he was on his way. … I don’t know what to say anymore. And before we sit here and talk about mechanically, Tiger Woods with his swing, and how many times he’s going to overhaul his swing … now the guy can’t stay healthy. It’s painful out there watching him. It’s like watching Mickey Mantle at the end of his career.

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