Surprise, Nets fans! In the blink of an eye, your head coach is Wisconsin-bound.

In a story that broke seemingly out of nowhere this weekend, Jason Kidd went from head coach of the Brooklyn Nets to head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks after a failed attempt to gain some level of front-office control at the Barclays Center.

Stu Jackson, former NBA coach and former Executive Vice President of the NBA, joined SiriusXM NBA Radio and tried to make sense of Kidd’s acrimonious split with Mikhail Prokhorov and Co.

“I’m a little bit surprised, yet being on the outside, I can understand, perhaps, how Jason Kidd looks at the situation, when he looks at the fact that the market for coaches has certainly increased here over the past months with the signings of Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher,” Jackson explained to Tom Byrne and Stacey King. “At the same time, there have been some situations where coaches have gotten power in their organizations as both the president in charge of basketball operations as well as being coach – namely Stan Van Gundy and Doc Rivers. All that being said, I’m not sure if you read between the lines, if Jason Kidd necessarily just wants to coach, or wants to coach at all. It seems that the power play he made was in an effort to just gain control of the entire organization where he could make the decision as to whether he wanted to coach, or not and select someone else. So he goes into [Brooklyn] with the power play knowing that he has Milwaukee in his back pocket. So from that stand point, it’s not a failed power play, it just played out the way that one of his options could play out, in that he ends up in Milwaukee.”

On Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Evan & Phillips in the Morning, Evan Cohen had harsh words for Kidd:

“I’ll tell you, I think Jason Kidd is maybe the least trustworthy guy in all of sports.”

However, Cohen continued with an interesting analogy regarding Kidd’s move to take Larry Drew‘s job, the former Bucks coach who was fired as a result of Kidd’s trade to the Bucks.

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