Thursday, in a statement released by the Milwaukee Brewers, 2011 MVP Ryan Braun apologized for actions that led to a 65-game suspension by the MLB. Braun’s statement outlined the reasons why he took performance-enhancing drugs, and read that he had “nobody to blame” but himself and that he “disappointed” those in his inner circle.

The nature of Braun’s apology surprised many fans and members of the media. Among those disappointed were Cal and Billy Ripken of SiriusXM’s Ripken Baseball. Cal said that he was looking forward to what Braun would say, how he would say it, and how he would react to questions from the media, while Billy wondered what a written statement even accomplished.

“This spurs more conversation, more debate, more what-ifs that aren’t going to stop,” Billy said. “In fact, I think this is going to gather legs until Ryan Braun actually dismisses certain things or explains certain things.

“You cannot make this statement, I don’t believe, in paragraph form, and then expect to go to spring training and tell members of the media that are gonna surface, ‘All right, I’m not talking about that anymore,'” Billy added. “Because all those questions are still swirling around, of ‘What was it?'”

Former MLB shortstop Nomar Garciaparra also spoke about the Braun soap opera on Schein on Sports with Dan Graca. Garciaparra debated whether the MLB should consider revoking awards from players who admit to cheating.

Like Matt Kemp, who finished second to Braun in 2011 NL MVP voting, Garciaparra was an MVP runner-up (1998) to a player implicated in a PED scandal: Juan Gonzalez, who was named in the Mitchell Report.

“I don’t understand why you can’t take away things [like an MVP award],” Garciaparra said. “I’m not saying you give it to the next person, but why can’t you take it away?”

Garciaparra even went a step further, asking why Major League Baseball can’t consider revoking players’ Hall of Fame status should they be found of cheating when organizations like the NCAA have revoked Heisman Trophies, and Olympians caught cheating have lost their medals.

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