We had ’em: Bill Hader and Hozier before they were on SNL this Saturday 10/11

Bill Hader is hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Hozier this Saturday 10/11, but you know what? We had ’em first! Well, maybe less so with Hader who was a SNL cast member from 2005-2014. But still, we definitely had ’em!

Hozier totally impressed us last March when he came into the studios and played an exclusive performance of his big single Take Me to Church.

Then, in August when he came back in to play To Eden.

Bill Hader, who is promoting his movie with another former SNLer Kristen Wiig, came in for an exclusive Unmasked with Ron Benningotn on Raw Dog, during which he talked about his role in South Park:

And this super weird but sweet moment he had once with Tom Cruise:

So like we said, we had ’em.

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