Can Brian Williams return to network news? Just one of the many imponderables debated this week in the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel 124.

Also under consideration: Did President Obama head-fake the nation on gay marriage, as alleged in a new book by longtime adviser David Axelrod? The wide-open Republican presidential field also merited discussion, and by the way — why hasn’t Gov. Chris Christie written the obligatory, unreadable pre-campaign book yet?

So many questions.

The week’s end found Williams on a six-month leave from NBC News. Paul Farhi of the Washington Post explained why he appreciates this difficult story.

Howard Kurtz from Fox News shared his perspective on the Williams saga, but first he lectured Jules on how overzealous news coverage of the 2016 election cycle is a disservice to the many people who don’t care yet.

Robert Costa from the Washington Post was in Des Moines checking on the presidential race (in flagrant disregard of Kurtz’s admonishments). He found Republican moderates having a bit of a resurgence, and Democrats in tragic malaise.

Speaking of tragic, why is the governor of New Jersey one of the very few obvious candidates for president who has not delivered to the waiting nation a book of his own deft prose? Surely he loves America enough to share a few instructive childhood anecdotes and a sufficiently vague blueprint for future greatness.

Claude Brodesser of the Star-Ledger is on the case.

In unrelated matters, Indira Lakshmanan of Bloomberg News is just back from a two-week reporting trip to Cuba, where she said the people followed diplomatic talks with the U.S. like baseball playoffs.

And finally, Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade had some thoughts to share on gay marriage in Alabama and Axelrod’s claim in a new book that Obama was really for gay marriage all along but held off for political expedience.

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