You, me, and just about anybody else can say Peyton Manning is one of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks, and it won’t mean that much.

When legendary quarterback Warren Moon places Manning alongside the likes of John Elway and Joe Montana? Then it means something.

“He’s in the top three in my book. I’d say John Elway and Joe Montana, and then, you know, Tom Brady can be 3a or 3b,” Moon said Wednesday on Schein on Sports. “[A Super Bowl] would definitely add to his resume, but I don’t think it’s the end-all. I think the fact that some of those other guys played for better overall teams than Peyton did […] All he can do is go out there and do what the offense does best, get as many points as he possibly can, but it’s a team game.”

Moon went on to break down the Seahawks’ defense, and how they’ll stack up against Manning and the Broncos’ offense.

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