Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is a LITERAL metal head … for real.

Airing on Liquid Metal, Ch. 40, Friday 2/6 @ 7pm and 10pm ET; Saturday 2/7 @ 9 pm ET; Sunday 2/8 @ 8pm ET. Airing on Octane, Ch. 37, Saturday 2/7 @ Noon ET; Sunday 2/8 @ 2pm ET

Zombie killer and all around bad ass Norman Reedus, the actor who plays the crossbow wielding Darryl Dixon on the popular TV show The Walking Dead, is a big hard rock and heavy metal fan.  Recently he spoke to Octane and Liquid Metal’s Jose Mangin about his passion for rock music, his favorite horror movie, and what to expect on the upcoming second half of season five of The Walking Dead, which premieres this Sunday at 9 pm on AMC.  Jose even got Norman to pick out two of his favorite Motorhead songs, and one band that will shock many of his fans!

But let’s get to it. Not only is Reedus a serious metal head, but he’s also literally a metal head. As in he’s got metal in his head. A titanium eye socket and screws in his nose to be precise. “Yeah man that hurt,” Reedus told Octane and Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin. “I was hit by a truck in Berlin and had a bunch of surgies and that happened… [I’m] a titanium head.”

The Zombie killer also shared his favorite horror film, The Omen, revealing he was a little troublemaker/heartbreaker even as a kid. “I used to sit in my first grade class and glare at my teacher like I was Damien … I loved the fact that I could make this older person shake in her boots,” Reedus said.

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