Valentine’s Day Playlist: Liquid Metal’s top 10 songs for a night of love and lust

Love Liquid Metal style! Your favorite metal station is bringing you the most romantic songs for metal heads in honor of Valentine’s Day. These tunes ain’t about ordinary love, they pull from the pain and heartbreak in love. This stellar arrangement of songs will love you to death or die trying and you can hear it whenever you want ON DEMAND!

  1. Stripped, Raped and Strangled – Cannibal Courpse
  2. This Love – Pantera
  3. No Ordinary Love – Deftones
  4. Love? – Strapping Young Lad
  5. I want To F*ck You To Death – Huntress
  6. The End of Heartache – Killswitch Engage
  7. Love You To Death – Type O Negative
  8. Jizzlobber – Faith No More
  9. Siberian Kiss – Glassjaw
  10. No Love Lost – Carcass


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