SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s hosts spill their secrets on the best way to utilize the waiver wire in fantasy football leagues.

Glenn Colton, Colton and the Wolfman, presented by Head2Head Sports

The most fruitful overlooked area of the waiver wire is players on bye. It is a long season, but so many owners need immediate gratification. That allows the smart and patient fantasy GM to pick up for below market prices, players on bye who will have opportunity and/or good match-ups when they return from the bye rested and ready.

Be confident, prepare to make the playoffs and win. How, you ask? The answer is by looking at the match-ups for weeks 14-16 and snagging the defense with the best match-up. When Week 14 comes along and your opponent wants to stream in a new defense, you will already own the DST with the best match-up. Defense can be good offense!

Scott Engel, RotoExperts

Don’t fret if you don’t have room for a free agent you may really like on your roster. You have to realize you cannot roster everyone, and sometimes tough decisions must be made on who to leave in the free agent pool. If you are having trouble deciding whether to pick someone up, call 1-888-963-2682.

Focus on your own team first. Don’t spend a valuable waiver add just to block another team; make sure your own concerns on your roster are the foremost priority. Once your own issues are out of the way, then you can play nasty on the waiver wire with others, especially at playoff time.

Greg Ambrosius and Tom Kessenich, Stats Fantasy Advantage

Don’t be afraid to make a one-week move. Fantasy football is a week-to-week proposition. If you pick up a player who only helps you in one week, that could be the difference between a playoff berth and a championship, and sitting on the sidelines while others go for the glory. So don’t be afraid to target players who may only have that one weekly match-up you can take advantage of.

The Trashman, Rosterwatch

If you’re having trouble deciding between a couple of waiver-wire players, take a look at the opposing defenses that week for each player. It makes more sense to plug in a team’s third receiver against the Cowboys’ suspect secondary than it does to try the third receiver of a team that is facing San Francisco that week.

Sometimes, it’s best not to make a waiver move at all. If you can’t get the player you want off of waivers due to your position, don’t waste your spot on another player unless you really want/need him. Your waiver position is worth its weight in gold, and you’ll be kicking yourself for taking a “C” prospect in Week 7 when you could have just waited and picked up an “A” in Week 8 — that is, unless you’re already at the end of the waiver order.

Matt Camp, SiriusXM Fantasy Football

When using a FAAB system, be sure to spend your money wisely. By that, I mean be careful when investing big money in backup running backs, unless you are positively sure of the handcuff. Sometimes, there is no clear-cut backup and a committee arises.

If you have the roster space, don’t be afraid to grab a “stash-and-hope” player, who you believe can make an impact down the road.

“The Guru” John Hansen, SiriusXM Fantasy Football

If you need immediate help, letting a late-round lottery pick go to grab a player who can contribute immediately is prudent. Hanging on to a stash-and-hope player too long can cost you. You have to know when to cut bait.

Instead of investing a high draft pick in a defense, streaming could be the way to go. Unless your league awards big-time points for a defense, you are usually better off playing the match-ups. It’s also not a bad idea to look ahead and find defenses that have a couple of favorable match-ups multiple weeks in a row.

Bob Harris, Football Diehards

While free agency is a great way to make immediate replacements to your starting lineup, there’s something to be said for adding depth and proactively keeping your opposition from doing the same. Don’t be afraid to follow your instincts if you feel a player is on a path to increased playing time well in advance of that happening. He who hesitates almost always loses out in competitive leagues.

Howard Bender, Fantasy Sports Tonight

For wide receiver waiver pick-ups, target guys with a high percentage of red zone targets as opposed to those with high yards-per-catch numbers. High red zone target guys will bring you the touchdown work, some with yards, some without. Most secondary guys with high YPC totals get only a small handful of opportunities, and are too often considered boom or bust with a heavy lean towards bust.

Kyle Elfrink, SiriusXM Fantasy Drive

Follow the fumble-itis.  It can be hidden in the box score each week, but if a less-than-great starting running back is letting the ball hit the turf, his coach may be ready for a change … even if the yardage piled up by Mr. Butterfingers is good.  At the very least, you could see the supposed back-up get the critical carries (i.e., goal-line work) in the very near future.

Ray Flowers, SiriusXM Fantasy Drive

Spend your waiver-wire capitol early. There’s no reason to hoard your waiver wire priority or dollars for a player that may come up later in the year. When a player of value is available, no matter how early in the season it is, make the move.

Don’t spend all your waiver-wire money immediately. You have to save something in case injuries strike later in the year. Keep something in reserve just in case.


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