As the nation and the world mourn the loss of one of our greatest authors, activists and human rights advocates, hosts on SiriusXM Urban View are memorializing Dr. Maya Angelou with commentary, clips and celebrity eulogies throughout the day.

“So sorry to hear about the passing of a great woman … I loved On the Pulse of Morning and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She was grace, wisdom and mother wit materialized and she dispensed it so generously,” Aretha Franklin said in a comment read on-air by host Maggie Linton.

We also had the honor of recording Angelou before her passing. While speaking with Armstrong Williams on May 8, 2014, she commented on several current events, including the abduction of Nigerian school girls and the released tapes of Donald Sterling, insisting that while there is further to go, we have made great strides in the fight for human rights – an optimism we hope she carried through her last days.

“We’re making progress and we have to say so,” she said. “You must say, ‘Yes, we have made some progress, and it’s wonderful because there have been people who had courage enough to stand up to the vulgarity of racism and ageism and sexism and enough to stand up to the vulgarity of apartheid and varying kinds of cruelties.’ However we haven’t gotten nearly far enough and we need you young people to put your shoulders against the wheels and press.”

Angelou even saw progress in the backlash to the Sterling tapes. “Even 25 years ago had he done this there would be nothing … but do you realize that this man has been banned?” she said. “With all his money and all his history and the white skin that covers his whole body.”

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